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Keep in mind, these are all meant to be performed in fun, preferably among friends. There's so much entertainment value to them that no one I've met has minded losing a buck or two. Unlike bigger cons, they're harmless, and everyone gets a laugh at the punch lines. In "The Swallow," you bet the mark that he can't do everything you do for the next 90 seconds actually, I've found that 60 seconds works better for me so I have less time to keep from cracking up. You reassure him that you won't use any contortionist movements or anything like that—you'll only be doing things that can be replicated by a normal person.

Make sure there's a glass full of water near each of you. Then put a match in front of you on the table and one in front of the poor, unsuspecting sap—uh, I mean in front of your pal. Say go. As time ticks away, you begin to work. You flip the direction of your match. He does so, as well. You take a drink obnoxiously from your glass. He takes one from his. Move the match around some more. He'll follow suit. And so on, until just before time is up, when you take a second sip from the glass and swallow. So does he.

YOU DO after you read this book!

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Learn the secrets of psychics, levitation, mind reading, con men, magicians and even some religious charlatans. All are tricks.

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All explained. Learn to do what others think is impossible. Amaze and astound your friends, co-workers, relatives even strangers. Control another persons reactions with your voice Establish instant rapport with the person of your choice Life of the party?

You can OWN the party! Imagine people's surprise when you challenge someone to balance a coin on the edge of a dollar bill, and then you proceed to show them! The party is a little slow.

Liven things up by showing how a person can be "levitated" or lifted with just a few fingers! It borders on mind reading, yet it is a simple, proven, physical manifestation that can tell you when a person is lying, when they desire something and even when they are sexually interested in YOU!

Learn the techniques of what is known in the trade as a "cold reading.

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By snail mail. Challenge some big guy with this one. You'll learn how to tear an apple in half with your bare hands try it, it's tougher than it sounds. You will do it easily once you know how. You can actually drive a nail with the bottom of some bottles.

Strength challenges where you can beat the strongest man in the room, no matter what your size even if you are a woman. The biggest man won't be able to lift you once you learn this "secret pressure point.

We do have to give you a warning here though: Some guys just have no sense of humor. Now you have made everyone else amazing! They love your for it! What if you were to have a seance and make a table "dance," sometimes clear across the room? People especially women freak out over this one. Some of them will become so frightened they may need consoling. Impress those around you with various mind reading and telepathic methods that will convince them of your "powers. How would people react to you if you could seemingly move things with your "mind? What if you could spin a coin on a bar or table, any bar or table almost and control the way it lands!?

Would they be impressed? Reproduce a drawing made by someone else by "reading their mind. Picture this; You ask for a volunteer or two. They each feel your pulse and begin tapping the rhythm with their other hand. Suddenly the tempo becomes irregular, the beats on each side of your body may even be different. The beats become sporadic and finally stop as you exhale and seemingly collapse.

The Secrets Of Bar Bets, Scams & Hustles (The Hustlers Bible). SOLVED

You suddenly jump up and grin at everyone. How the hell did you do that? How to lay on a bed of nails unharmed.

test.assembledbrands.com/111.php Fire Walking: Oh what fun! What a way to spend an afternoon eh? Dig a big pit and start a bonfire in it and then hours later you spread the coals around and go for a little stroll right down the middle of it. How to seemingly block pain and do very weird things to the body. Such as pierce yourself with needles etc. Ever see a martial artist or wonder boy slice a melon resting on a persons chest with a sword? The secrets of Meditation and more!

Would you believe that you can drop a light bulb onto a concrete floor from waist high! How to make steel burn with an ordinary match. How to balance an egg upright. This can drive people nuts when they don't know how. They are a lot of people out there that think this can only be done on a solstice. You'll learn how to make a real egg bounce like rubber! After they see it and pronounce that it can't possibly be real, you split the egg to reveal the yoke and white! It's a real egg! Learn how to restore a "dead" fly to life! The scene: A fly is captured and "killed.

You do a little mumbo jumbo and the fly is miraculously resurrected and promptly flies away, leaving your friends with their mouths hanging open! How to force a choice on people! You can actually control the choice they make! This can be seriously abused. Flynt, in. Entheogenic Sects - Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic syracuseuniversitypress. Tags: Biblical Theology. Find Hustler tour schedule, concert details, reviews and photos.

It's filled with plenty of practical advice from a South African who's.

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COM - At Home christinprophecy. But hustlers for end of the world survival products don't really want to hear that. Join with us as Pastor Hoggard teaches from the Book of Romans, click here. It is free and can be downloaded by clicking here or on the icon. Truth: The Bible is the most accurately preserved book in history.