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It is sheer New Adult perfection in terms of its delivery if you ask me. And the other books do a great job of following that pattern but with their own unique twists. Why did I wait so long to read The Deal? It has all my favourite New Adult tropes wrapped up into one great book!

by Adam Smith

I really liked all of these characters! At one point or another they had me laughing at something they said or did, making it so much fun to read their stories.

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I just loved watching their interactions and appreciated who they were as people. They just seemed so real to me and they are easily one of my favourite new adult couples. The cast as a whole has great, relatable stories the make each of their stories unique and so it was great to get to know each of them on a more personal level as the series progressed.

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Again, I thought the romance in these novels was pretty damn-well near perfect. While some of the romances start off based on insta-attraction, you really come to see how these couples work the more you read. Is it September yet? What a cliffhanger at the end of The Score! I wish I had it in my hands right.

Tucker is such a sweet-heart. And his lucky leading lady was fabulous as well. I definitely fell in love with them the more I read. Click here to read more book news.

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