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Skywynne has fair cream skin, short and curly orange hair, blue eyes, and orange hourglass-shaped marks on her cheeks. In tapestry in Star and Marco's Guide to Mastering Every Dimension , she wears a flowing lavender and purple dress with white frills, a short black cape, and blue brooch; in Star vs. She is 5' 1. Skywynne was born to Lyric Butterfly, the 26th Queen of Mewni. She inherited the Royal Magic Wand from her mother at age 14 and was crowned Queen at age 17, after which her mother retired to the Butterfly family vacation home inside a volcano.

On the night of her Wand Passing ceremony, a bunch of dragons that had been trained for the event got loose and burned Butterfly Castle to the ground. The original Magic Book of Spells was lost in the fire, and Skywynne started writing a new one. Seller Inventory IM Edward Miller illustrator.

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Hornsea: PS Publishing:, Also signed by intro-writer Charles de Lint. An unread copy. Book Description PS Publishing , Condition: Fair.

Condition: As New. Dust Jacket Condition: As New. Charles de Lint Introduction illustrator. Stated First Edition. Limited to numbered copies signed by the Author. Seller Inventory HCX First Edition - may be Reissue. Ships with Tracking Number! May not contain Access Codes or Supplements.

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May be ex-library. Buy with confidence, excellent customer service!. The Clock King and the Queen of the Hourglass. She has been brought into existence for a special purpose, to become what they call the Queen of the Hourglass.

The Clock King and the Queen of the Hourglass

An almost messianic figure, approached with more than a little awe by all save Amhama, the biologist who brought her into being and nurtured her, protecting her developing psyche from being warped by exposure to adulation, even the staid and quiet awe of these far-future humans of a species that has grown old and weary. But it is only a matter of time before she becomes aware that she is different from those around her, that she is bursting with a vitality not shared by the people of this future time. And it is only natural that she should want to know why she is different, a truth that she will be fed in small spoonfuls so that she will be properly prepared to fulfill her destiny, and not warped or destroyed by it.

There are the bits of humor, like the day Liaei plucks every hair from her scalp and body because she wants to look like everybody else, and the adults respond with those predictable platitudes about how You Look Beautiful Just The Way You Are.

For all they live in a future so distant as to be almost alien, based upon the mysterious technology of the Harmonium which sometimes seems almost like magic, the generation gap is still with us. At last she reaches the age when she is to fulfill the purpose for which she was created.


Namely, she is to journey to the other city, the one perched upon the edge of what was once the continental shelf. In a time when resources are few, travel is a rare thing, and thus the voyage along the River that Flows Through the Air takes on an epic quality. Even their speculation of the now-forgotten mechanism that causes the water to flow uphill has a feel not dissimilar to some of the earliest Mars novels, of Edgar Rice Burroughs and the like, when it was still believed that the Red Planet would be the abode of intelligent life, and that their cultures would prove older, perhaps even decayed from an earlier and more vital civilization that had carved the giant canals everyone was sure they could see while squinting through the telescopes of those days.

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It's a city very different from the one she has known, but there too the people have the strange ethereal quality, as though they're made of a thinner substance than herself. All save for one, the young man from an earlier age of humanity who is kept within a clockwork mechanism that suspends time and spares him from aging -- but also denies him any experience of the intervening time.

He is the Clock King to whom Liaei is to become Queen of the Hourglass in a mating ritual by which they will together revitalize the human species. Or at least that is the plan. It's worked in previous generations, when humanity needed an infusion of fresh genetic material to keep its ever-thinning vitality up enough to go on.