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From the paranormal to the supernatural, unsolved mysteries and strange deaths to cryptids, conspiracy theories and the most disturbing of true crimes, all told in a unique and creepy way. Join us every week for a new scary story.

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Shadowvane is a radio drama podcast centered around telling tales of horror and suspense. Instead of one continuous story, we tell our stories in a limited number of episodes. Tales of Horror takes you back to the early days of radio when alone with your imagination the story tellers on the radio would take you into the world of ghosts,macabre,demons,and tales of the supernatural. Turn down the lights and enter the world of Tales of Horror. A multiple story, full-cast horror-themed audio storytelling podcast, spun off from Chilling Tales for Dark Nights and its popular YouTube channel of the same name.

The show features a myriad of talented vocal performers and the work of dozens of independent and previously-published contributing authors. Creepy Pasta's Creepypasta Storytime! It's me, Mr. Creepy Pasta! And I think I might have found a new way to bring Creepypasta stories from the deep dark stones of the crypt and right to the ear balls in your head. If you're as excited as I am to hear a good story of terror and fear as I am then give me a subscription, hide under your blanket, and prepare yourself for some sweet dreams. Creepypasta Story What if there was a book that literally opened up doorways to other worlds?

Where would it lead, and could you handle what you found on the other side?

Others & Oddities

Cassie, a wayward teen, is about to find out. One day, after she wraps up community service at a local hospital, she stumbles out of the basement of a spooky bookshop and into a story set on a devil's staircase in a remote Italian village. The Dark Tome is a new take on the anthology audio fiction podcast, featuring fantastic stories by conte A multiple story, horror-themed audio storytelling podcast, spun off from Chilling Tales for Dark Nights and its popular YouTube channel of the same name.

The show features master storyteller Otis Jiry, and the work of dozens of independent and previously-published contributing authors.

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Mabel is a fiction podcast about ghosts, family secrets, strange houses, and missed connections. With blood on her hands, the infamous Dolores Roach has fled the recent shocking destruction in Washington Heights and gone into hiding deep under New York City in an abandoned subway tunnel. Facing re-incarceration back above ground, but pushed to the limits of shame, paranoia, lust, hunger, and depraved entrepreneurialism Hillbilly Horror Stories is a mostly paranormal show hosted by stand up comedian Jerry Paulley and his wife Tracy. They touch on all things eerie including true stories behind your favorite horror movies, Rock n Roll and the occult, unsolved mysteries and creepy true crime.

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Serious enough for the true paranormal fan but funny enough for the skeptics! Proud member of Dark Myths Collective. Ghost stories and strange folktales from the American South, told by the region's best storytellers. You can also read and listen to more stories on our companion storytelling website, The Moonlit Road. Short stories of occult, metaphysical, and fantastical horror that will follow you to the visions of your sleep. True horror stories written by those that made it out alive. First person accounts narrated and produced by Andrew Tate in an anthology of terror and suspense.

“Musical Séance and the Sublime Art of Darkness:”

You'll hear works of creepy fiction from the likes of Lovecraft, Poe and even Shakespeare as well as horror stories from contemporary writers; both emerging and renowned. Our humble narrator already appears in the world of horror podcasting as a featured voice artist on the 'Simply Scary Podcast', performing Creepypasta and chilling ta This is Darkness Prevails, a horror podcast that specializes in giving you nightmares. With non-stop horror stories, you can finally die happy and afraid.

Just remember, this world is a strange one! Do you wanna hear something scary? Join Sapphire and Markeia every week as they bring you the creepiest ghost stories, urban legends, and folktales. For advertising opportunities please email PodcastPartnerships Studio71us. We interview writers, artists, publishers, editors, and creatives every week. Whether it's a well-known chiller or a deserving unknown that catches attention, we endeavor to present an entertaining spin on these tales of the macabre.

Pour some of this on your Creepypasta come midnight! Midnight Horror is a series of short scary stories created and narrated by Rachel Craig. New epsiodes monthly. Chilling Tales for Dark Nights is a horror fiction anthology podcast, with each weekly episode featuring several creepy tales from talented authors, brought to life by professional voice actors, and accompanied by SFX and music. Kyle Kinane and Dave Stone talk about ghosts and barbeque and maybe interview people and maybe have had a few drinks before they started recording.

Join acclaimed ghost storyteller Mike Brown for a bi-weekly tour through the shadows of history. The Pleasing Terrors Podcast features stories about haunted places, creepy history, and forgotten folklore. It's been a while since I've seen you. There's this story I've been dying to tell you. Maybe you'll find it interesting His major inspiration and invention was cosmic horror: the idea that life is incomprehensible to human minds and that the universe is fundamentally alien.

This collection contains 24 Lovecraft works that are in the public domain. Welcome, my darling. Do you like scary stories?

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So do we. The Blood Crow Stories is an anthology horror audio drama podcast, telling a new tale of terror every season. Our first season highlights the story of the S. Utopia, a cruise ship in the early 's. Modern-day college student, Max, begins to do his thesis on the audio diaries of the passengers on the ship.

5 Scary Stories Guaranteed to Haunt Your Dreams 💀 "The Artist" & Other Tales

What he doesn't expect are the horrors waiting for him among the tapes, and the true reason why the ship sank so mysteriously al Horror Old Time Radio goes into the world of the unknown which is sure to creep you out! Turn the lights off and enter the real of the supernatural world of Horror. Podcast dedicated to the side of history that goes bump in the night. Curl up and relax as I read you a spooky bed time story! Join me in enjoying the soothing, although somewhat unnerving, sounds of all that goes bump in the night.

From ghosts in the bayou to serial killers in the 90s, we've got everything you need to be scared to sleep! From the master of the psychological horror genre comes this brilliant collection 12 Creepy Tales by Edgar Allan Poe. The Black Cat is a truly horrifying story of a death-row confession of guilt by a serial killer.

The much loved family cat becomes the agent of his destruction and inevitable descent into crime and madness. Another superb story is The F Devlin presents a selection of Japanese horror, creepypastas and urban legends translated from the deepest, darkest parts of the web. Creepy ghosts and vengeful onryo, cursed technology and haunted shrines. Discover horror like only Japan knows how to deliver.

Brand new and exclusive stories translated each week. Play later. I'm pretty sure it picked up some sweet wav No flash, no psychedelic effects, it was like walking through a door. Just bros being bros In this episode, Derek and Gerry put together a plan to out Hilly on the air! What could possibly go wrong! Become a Patron! Our first big adventure involves helping the CIA unwire some missiles We're also taking you on a digital ghost tour of the Beattie Mansion aka the former "Home for the Friendless".

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Christine then brings us the wild and terrible tale of the murder More great books at LoyalBooks. The fate of Features Week has hung in the balance for the last month and I've finally decided to do something about that.