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Pope Francis: Apologize to gay people and others

But the point isn't really so much whether he was actually bisexual or pansexual or whatever—it's that everyone thought he was. It was part of his deliberately transgresssive, drug-stabbing, weird-sex-having image.

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The weird sex part of his public persona was there from the very beginning, in the Velvet Underground's name. If that reference wasn't enough of a hint, there's the song "Venus in Furs" on the Velvet's first album, an homage to the erotic novel by the man who gave us the term "masochism.

How Lou Reed Showed It's OK to Be Gay - Pacific Standard

Lou sorry, but I've loved the man for decades, and it just doesn't feel right to call him "Reed" also brought non-hetero characters into the mainstream consciousness through his songs. There's Jackie from "Walk on the Wild Side," a boy hitchhiking across the country who "plucked his eyebrows on the way, shaved his legs and then he was a she.

At the time, those songs, especially when performed by a guy in heavy mascara and leather pants, presented something shocking and new. But "Wild Side" became a hit, and Lou remained a star. He set an example, and a precedent.

'It's OK to be gay in football'

Along with some of the greatest rock 'n' roll ever recorded, that's a legacy for which we ought to be grateful. The comics industry recently accused Apple of homophobia, but their history with the LGBT community is much darker than that of the tech giant. Abbott emerged from the meeting flagging a plebiscite or referendum after the next election, although senior ministers — including the attorney general, George Brandis — publicly rejected a referendum on the basis that no change to the constitution was needed.

The Liberal backbencher Warren Entsch sought support from colleagues for same-sex marriage by highlighting a video by Lachlan Beaton , who described how he had kept his sexuality hidden for 12 years because he felt it was wrong to be gay.

The Evolution of Gay Sex in Comic Books

In the radio interview, Abbott was also asked whether he thought change was inevitable. There are many things that were taken for granted in previous times that we no longer take for granted. When the people speak on something which has been rightly and properly entrusted to them you respect the decision. Topics Marriage equality.