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This text is assigned to a speaker, a tenor, and a chorus mixed and children , accompanied by an orchestra whose melodic charm is undeniable. In , Stravinsky made the acquaintance of the violinist Samuel Dushkin with whom he collaborated on Concerto pour Violon, commissioned by the composer, Blair Fairchild, followed by a sonata for violin and piano, Duo Concertante.

In , Stravinsky moved to Paris in after two years spent in Voreppe, near Grenoble and acquired French nationality.

His second son, Soulima, began a career as a pianist, interpreting the works of his father. Stravinsky wrote Concerto for two pianos alone Concerto pour deux pianos seuls in so that they could perform together in public. A new ballet, inspired by the scenario of a poker game, followed Persephone. The first performance took place on April 27, at the Metropolitan Opera under his direction.

In the spring of that year, Stravinsky began work on a concerto for chamber orchestra, ordered by wealthy American patrons, Mr. Bliss, on the occasion of their wedding 30th anniversary. Stravinsky then, in , composed his Symphony in C Symphonie en ut for the 50th anniversary of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Tuberculosis struck the Stravinsky family with three deaths : his eldest daughter Ludmila November , his wife Catherine March and his mother Anna June Stravinsky interrupted his work.

Nadia Boulanger then informed Stravinsky that Harvard University had chosen him for its prestigious Poetry Chair for the year for a series of lectures on his conception of music. America welcomed the composer as a prestigious guest. With demands on his time from all sides, Stravinsky decided to settle on the new continent.

Chronology - Deutsche Grammophon

He wrote, directed, recorded and lectured incessantly and continued to create performances worldwide. At the beginning of , he married his second wife, Vera de Bosset. Stravinsky and his new wife moved to Beverly Hills, then bought a house in Hollywood, a home where Stravinsky would remain for a long period of his life. In December , he obtained U. Los Angeles, during the war, had a rich cultural life with many expatriate artists and intellectuals settled there.

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Stravinsky built a new circle of friends. He enjoyed, among others, the company of such English writers as Aldous Huxley and W. Auden, with whom he later collaborated, as well as the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas. Copies of the press service. Signed Autographs On each of the volumes. Gustave Samazeuilh a great greeting from I. Stravinsky, Paris ". Beautiful musical origins and very RARE meeting. By continuing your browsing on our site, you accept the use of cookies to allow us to improve your user experience. To know more. My DK Crew. Infra Red.

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