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It has recently been adapted into an ongoing modern day Vlog Series similar to The Lizzie Bennet Diaries , featuring Laura and Carmilla as college roommates, the trope page for which can be found here. Another loose adaptation is the book and later film The Moth Diaries , to the point the originally story is directly referenced. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Ewbank rated it liked it Shelves: novel , romance. This book by Carter is not my normal fare,but bought the book for my wife to read.

I got to it first and struggled some at the first but became engaged in the plot and liked the book by the time I finished. It had a surprise ending for me. I thought she did a good job with the characters and the plot. Jul 28, Maya rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: anyone. And it was best for him to do what he did instead of leading his wife on. Jul 12, Philly rated it it was amazing.

By Blood We Live, a vampire anthology

I thought this book was amazing!! How everything tied in and the ending, o man was good. The book actually reminded me of the movie Hancock minus the superpowers for some reason. All in all the book was really good.

Jun 12, Domonique rated it it was amazing. I absolutely loved it!!! Loved the drama, the way the characters were entwined and didn't know it. Loved the past, present, future soul mate connection. This book inspired me to write my own novel. Would like to see more books. Jul 01, Gail Franklin rated it it was ok. I don't know I think they were selfish. Jan 09, Nellie rated it really liked it Shelves: romance.

By Blood We Live

Mar 11, Brandi rated it it was amazing. I haven't finished but so far Feb 19, Arrianna rated it really liked it. This book isn't normally one of the books I would read. But I really enjoyed reading it. Quatina Rockmore rated it liked it Jun 23, Lisa Johnson rated it it was amazing Dec 09, G rated it really liked it Oct 14, Alexandra rated it really liked it Mar 23, Melissa Orange rated it it was amazing Jul 22, Natasha rated it really liked it Jul 16, Tracey rated it really liked it Aug 29, Teresa rated it really liked it Mar 25, Kayla rated it it was amazing Jul 27, Joyce Nixon rated it it was amazing Jan 14, Jackie Holland rated it really liked it Sep 18, Samantha Menard rated it it was amazing Jan 01, Kay rated it it was amazing Apr 25, Channell rated it it was amazing Nov 07, Lamorea Natalie Stanton rated it it was amazing Jun 29, Natasha Monike rated it it was amazing Feb 23, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

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Like Nicolette, Savannah Rice was a beautiful woman, sensual and graceful. She was tall, but not skinny. She had curves in all the places that mattered, all the places a man wanted to feel warm, yielding flesh beneath his fingers.

But what he saw heated his blood. Smooth and rich, and a little darker than milk chocolate, her skin stretched over her elegant fingers, her strong cheekbones, her flawless neck. A neck where a vein pulsed in concert with her heartbeat. He imagined his white skin against hers, his hands clasping her shoulders, as he latched onto that vein to drink from her, to drink from his blood-bonded mate. He was lucid enough to realize that.

There was a mysteriousness that surrounded this woman, this stranger, something that seemed to be hidden behind the blue color of her eyes. When she inhaled, his eyes were drawn to her top, a V-neck sweater that fit her like a glove. It hugged her most precious curves, two round globes more perfect than he could have ever imagined.

And one other thing was evident too. Firm breasts without any help. Without support. He felt his fangs itch at the thought of how it would feel to sink them into her flesh and feel her moan beneath him. With difficulty, he pushed back the need that was suddenly trying to control him. The need to have this woman. To take her.


The Passage (Cronin novel) - Wikipedia

To ride her. To bite her.

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But he knew it was wrong. It was best to forget about it. Her voice, a soft trickle akin to a mountain spring, jolted him into action. He jumped up from behind his desk and approached her, extending his hand. She quickly shook his hand, then let go of it just as quickly.

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Buffy has no father. Somewhat confused, John searched his memory. Was he supposed to know who Buffy was? She disappeared three days ago. The phone on his desk rang again. Most likely drooling like a hapless idiot. The mother of the last girl that disappeared. You know the type. Squeaky wheel, if you know what I mean.